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                              Ginny Schuster

Who is GinnyPreneur?

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Hi! I’m Ginny Schuster!!

I know that no business is an overnight success. Sometimes it takes narrowing down your desired business criteria in order to find true passion coming from the heart. Having been an entrepreneur, I know that all things start with an idea and vision. Like many others in health-oriented businesses, I want to help people experience more energy, and have fewer aches and pains.


I am achieving this goal through the revolutionary, non-invasive LifeWave x39 Stem Cell patches!! (See video on the "Schedule A Meeting" tab)


​I learned to surround herself with other inspirational, influential people and build relationships with them. I just love being in business and meeting other entrepreneurs!!


Business owners have amazing energy - energy creates inspiration!! For those who don't know where or how to begin, let's talk!! I'm a connector and mentor who talks with anyone with an itch for entrepreneurship.

​My second passion is to help get this country back to 80% small business ownership.  My interviews, "Zoom-In with GinnyPreneur" (previously called: "Who Do You Know??") is all about successful entrepreneurs sharing their story and how they overcame fear. My experience is that there are many different small business opportunities. If viewers can see what others have done, it might inspire them and give them ideas. After a poll on LinkedIn, it turns out the majority of people would love to start their own business, but don’t know what to do next... call Ginny!! 

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LifeWave - x39


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'Energy Creates Inspiration'

This mantra is something I hold dear to my heart. Good energy has the power to inspire and create magic. When we immerse ourselves with good energy, it influences our lives and the lives of those around us. Want some good energy? 

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