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Lifewave x39

I chose LifeWave because it’s one product, easy to use, has a simple system, FDA approved, and over 20 patents. The proprietary technology called photo-biomodulation makes you feel younger, stronger, faster!

The one-patch stem cell activation patch, reduces the diseases

of human aging with GHK-Copper Peptides. The main cause of human aging appears to be that the genes lose their optimal pattern of UP and DOWN settings (age 20-25). 

Just like piano keys. When a piano is new, it plays beautiful music, but with time human genes lose their youthful settings

and the diseases and conditions of aging set in. GHK, which was discovered during biochemical studies of human aging, resets human genes to a younger healthier condition. 

One thing nice about the product is it is non-surgical and so much less expensive!!




I have been on the Youngevity’s “90 For Life” healthy supplement program for three years. In addition, they offer unlimited business services; such as, health insurance, credit card processing, and loans.

I was introduced to the products right after my husband had ankle surgery. After those three months the doctors were amazed at his speedy recovery; plus, it was decided that the second ankle surgery wasn’t necessary. 


I’ve since received my Certification from the Institute of Wholistic Health and can offer a FREE Health Evaluation Quiz. Additionally, they offer Health Insurance, Business Loans, and Credit Card Processing

Nano Bella

This is a new state-of-the-art THC - free CBG & CBD business that has created the “next generation skincare, using Nanotechnology Isolate Engineering”.  

Nano Bella has developed proprietary nanoemulsion technology that is currently applied to a branded line of THC-free CBG & CBD in four products: retinol serum, Vitamin C serum, muscle balm and face cream are manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade lab.

Groove Funnel

This was offered through one of my classes as an easy, one-stop shop for Digital and eCommerce marketers to increase sales, engage visitors, collect leads and more. Save time and money with ready-to-use solutions and grow business faster.


This is the world’s fastest growing funnel building platform. People can use GrooveFunnels to sell and promote their products online. There are 17 apps that GrooveFunnels replaces. 


I like that you can test it out for FREE and no coding knowledge is required. 


Wealth Creation Mastermind

Many people dream of running a successful business. In WCM, learn the creative method of thought by deeply studying a trilogy of books about how you can use the power of mind to control your life, so whatever you dream, you can achieve.

WCM is where and how it can happen! WCM is a FREE virtual network marketing training group. They offer two free training sessions every single week to help you 10x your success as a network marketer. 

The first night is where you learn the creative method of thought – mindset. 

The second night is where the tested and proven network marketing strategies and tactics are taught. Learn from the best.

Contact Mapping

This is the best way to humanize your address book!!

Businesses are successful because of the relationships they build through networking.  In the Contact Mapping Community, people are coached and taught the "BLTS" that help prioritize relationships to create wins-wins.

It will transform the way you connect with people. It’s a philosophy, a system and an app. It will take your business and personal relationships to the next level. You can try it for FREE.

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