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Honoring Your Potential …

I woke up this morning thinking about how grateful I am for my life of so many amazing experiences! It seems as though life is a roller coaster ride filled with these fabulous experiences and then the experiences are over and I’m on to figuring out what I’m doing next. What is the next chapter of my life going to be? Life is a roller coaster for everyone, even for the people who are an “overnight success”.

As I look into how I am going to be an overnight success (again), I must determine my “WHY” – what is my why? What is my reason for getting up every day? My coaches and friends say, when you answer that question, dig deeper, Ginny … and then dig deeper, and even deeper. Nothing stands still. Life is always changing. I continue to do personal growth in order to “write” the next chapter of my life, and discover my next “overnight success”!!

In order to discover that “success”, I must discover my new “WHY”. It has changed from the days of owning a print shop, raising a family, being an empty nestering (my own word, thank you?! lol). And now it feels as though it has become a rush to understand how important it is to stay healthy and in shape. I’m fortunate that through the years, I always did take care of my health and work out.

For years, I did every type of diet in the book – the egg diet, atkins diet, cabbage soup diet, SlimFast – you name it, I did it. That was a roller coaster as my weight went up and down! It went up and down as I got into working out. I had my favorite VCR workout tapes. When I got tired of doing those, I got up early in the morning to take walks.

Now I invest in myself. I joined Gold’s Gym and hired a workout trainer!! I insist she work me hard without too much pain the next day!! I mention this to point out that nothing stays the same. Life is constantly changing and we all figure out how to adapt as we go on this the roller coaster ride.

This is the beauty of life! We each get to write all these chapters in life. It also means we each can be challenged during certain times in life. It takes each of us courage and bravery to come up with a plan to work through and adapt to all these changes that are thrown at us in life.

For me, I call this part of personal development. My “WHY” is part of personal development. Being willing to be open to understanding why I do what I do. I my opinion, it takes courage to do this authentically; be brave. Bravery is something that we all have.

Here is the definition of brave –

having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty; having or showing courage.

Then, I found the article of “12 Habits of Genuinely Courageous People”, online from Inc. that I’d like to share and get you thinking about how many you possess:

1. They’re not afraid to believe the unimaginable.

2. They’re not afraid to be patient.

3. They’re not afraid to say no.

4. They’re not afraid to take an unpopular stand.

5. They’re not afraid to ask for help.

6. They’re not afraid to show genuine emotion.

7. They’re not afraid to forgive … and forget.

8. They’re not afraid to stay the course.

9. They’re not afraid to earn the right to lead.

10. They’re not afraid to succeed through others.

11. They’re not afraid to say, “I’m sorry.”

12. They’re not afraid to take undeserved blame.

Honor your potential – don’t be afraid to step up and out in life as you work through to your “WHY” and the courage it takes to get there.

Become the entrepreneur living inside you.

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