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"Mapping” Connections …

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

I love connecting with people, hearing their story and enjoying some positive time together.

At this moment, I am in Granby, Colorado. It’s a small town on the Western slope of the Colorado Rockies. I love exploring small towns like this. My business mind looks at buildings that may be boarded up, and I wonder whether the business owner sold to another company, or maybe they found a new office, or maybe the business wasn’t successful.

Since we were spending time in Granby, I researched the recommended “hotspots” of the town. One of the top ten places was a microbrewery, called, Never Summer Microbrewery. While sipping a “flight” of beer there, two gentlemen customers at this brewery, shared that they worked for Deep Roots Craftsmen and thoroughly loved their job! As they talked about their work, they showed us pictures "before" and "after" of a couple remodeling jobs they did. These two guys are originally from a different state, and we learned about their journey, their family, and what brought them to the area.

In our travels, there are times where we know some of the town’s history; such as … did you know that Granby is the town where, in 2004, a guy with a bulldozer plowed down much of the town? This was an event that hubby and I remember. The TV stations were broadcasting the bulldozing live. The story was that a disgruntled business owner, Marv Heemeyer, was unhappy with many of the city officials’ decisions. Marv, an experienced welder, created an 86-ton bulldozer-tank and went on a 5-hour rampage destroying many buildings around the town.

Interestingly, it turned out that one of the microbrewery owner’s friends and regulars is Patrick Brower, who was present when the bulldozing event happened. And he was also present at the microbrewery with us. Patrick, it turns out, was the editor of the local newspaper when the bulldozer event took place. He is the author of the book, “Killdozer”, which details that day. Patrick filled in many details that we didn’t know about.

Of course, we bought Patrick's book and had him autograph it. You can bet I “Mapped” him by putting his information into my Contact Mapping app for future referencing!! I can never know when someone may want to be connected with Patrick!!

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