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Preparing for the Holidays …

I love all the fall tree colors!! New England is especially vibrant! I’m noticing the Rocky Mountains this year has many of those vibrant fall colors – yellows, reds, oranges and the contrasting green from the evergreens!! It’s so inspirational to me!! What can businesses do to take advantage of the fall season and where should they look for ideas to help their business? Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are some places to look for ideas of inspiration as you put together your company’s holiday marketing plan. Something to think of, is: do you want your packaging to be holiday- themed, or packaged with customized shipping tape? Years ago our customers liked to send out inexpensive black ink, printed post cards that were printed on card stock of the fall colors and informed their customers of the seasonal special offers. A service we offered was to drop these printed orders off at their choice mailing house. Mailing houses run specials of their own!! Besides Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are a variety of other occasions our customers would run specials for; such as, Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Some other ideas we saw were, thank you cards or gifts with their logo printed on these items.

This year, Saturday, November 26th is “Small Business Saturday!! If you want to capitalize on shoppers that are eager to spend their money on small businesses, consider rolling out a promotion that runs through this weekend!! This can include using posters and banners to announce upcoming sales, attract potential customers and get your existing customers excited for the holiday promotions to come!!

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for the holidays as you watch the leaves change colors!!

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