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Two Rules about Life

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Before talking more about entrepreneurship, I remembered two rules about life that I came up with after the twenty-four continuous years in one business:

Rule #1 - Nothing comes easy – if it were easy, everyone would do it!!

I love how Les Brown said it, “you need to have a “BURNING desire” to be an entrepreneur!! It doesn’t feel like work when what you are doing is your passion. That was how I felt about the printing industry.

One of my early experiences was when the paper salesman wanted to get to know the new owners. A tradition was to take the owner out to lunch, so I let my hubby have guy time. They left; I looked around the shop; it was quiet – no customers, no phone ringing, nothing to do. I decided to try running the printing press.

I turned on the press – it started right away going ka-clunk, ka-clunk, ka-clunk … and that’s how you make everything happen!! Right?! … the phone rang and a customer came in right after I answered the phone. I froze. Here’s the customer at the front desk staring at me, I didn’t dare turn off the press, but I couldn’t let fear overtake me. I had to figure out how to manage the shop while the guys were out. When you’re in business, an entrepreneur, you have to set aside fear and figure it out!!

Rule #2 – When you succeed, people never saw the hard work and the time you put into building the successful business!!

Become the entrepreneur living inside you.

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