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Work from your Heart…

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Contact Mapping held their FIRST conference this weekend in Longmont, Colorado at the Fox Hill Country Club – CM Connect Conference 2022!! This conference was about getting out of the “box” we were brought up in, looking at what it is we really want, and creating a roadmap for 2023. It seemed more like a family reunion with a hands-on workshop!

Friday night, the first night was kicked off with a celebration of thirteen newly Certified Coaches who had gone through an intensive 90-day coaching program. Stories were heard about how several had grown from absolutely no confidence and not good enough, to realizing that it is all on you to write your own life’s story.

This course taught them to stretch their minds. Take the approach of being the writer of your own movie; creating the casting agent, being the director, and designing the characters in it. Some things to think about:

- What mindset do I bring to the room?

- I’m the only one who’s going to change it!

- The movie at the end of your life – who gets to be in it with you?

- I’m the only one who can change the story!

- What is your criteria?

- Does it include people you admire?

- People who add fuel to the fire?

- Tell stories of what went right in your life!!

Did you know that the brain sees 2 ½ times more of the bad stuff than the good stuff? Surround yourself with the people who help you create the movie you want!! Dare to be different!! Partner with people who can see vision in you. Learn how to enjoy your journey!! Fall in love with the process!! Own your story!!

This was the theme I heard over the weekend from the well-known, influential speakers:

- Tom Chenault, Contact Mapping

- Adrian Chenault, Contact Mapping

- Elizabeth Larson, Contact Mapping

- Traca Savadoco, TEDx Speaker

- JW Wilson, The Learning Code Institute

- Richard Brooke, The Four-Year Career

- Jordan Adler, Independent Business Owner

Why is it important to work from the heart and how does this conference fit in with Contact Mapping?

So many times we are not aware of how often our brains control our minds. Contact Mapping teaches the importance of relationship building. Tom & Adrian Chenault, Founders and CEO’s of Contact Mapping’s legacy for making this world a better place is spread via their motto of, “Fire Your Brain, Not Your Heart”.

My instant attraction to Tom, Adrian, and this company four years ago was that over the years of growing up, having a business for 24 years, meeting people while traveling around the country and internationally; plus, years of care giving for my birth mother, I never kept in touch with any of the fabulous people I had met! I didn’t realize the importance of relationships. It hit me hard when I questioned, “is this all there is?”. It dawned on me that life was about relationships and fond memories. I had been so busy in life, I never kept up with any friendships!! Some of you have strong, deep friendships that may go all the way back to your early years.

That is why Maya Angelou’s quote is so powerful: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

When I met Tom and Adrian, they shared an easy way to help me build new relationships and rebuild relationships with people from my past, one person at a time. They taught me “BLTS”.

What is “BLTS”?

People want to be remembered. They want to feel that they Belong; they feel Loved, they can Trust you and are Safe with you. This has encouraged me to reach out to people I haven’t talked to in years and reconnect with them. Sometimes, it’s just about sending a little message, “Thinking of you today!” Talk about brightening up someone’s day!! It’s also allowed me to talk to strangers and hearing their story!!

Getting back to this amazing CM Connect Conference 2022 and speaking of, “hearing their story”…

My arrival on the first night, the first person I met while walking into the Country Club Friday night was a gal, Corrine, who felt impelled to talk with me. She was a gal who came all the way from Florida just to be here because of her strong belief in how this Contact Mapping Community had made her feel and the relationships she had built within this Community.

It was dark out, so the dim outside lights barely lit Corrine’s face and I wasn’t quite sure I was seeing correctly. She instantly warmed up to me, saying a major part of her head was missing because she had been through 57 brain surgeries!! This is one impactful story about a person who is so grateful to Contact Mapping and all the people associated with the company!! She is out telling her story and building many new relationships because of her learning about “BLTS”!!

It’s about transforming the world with your story! Corrine is one of these people whom you admire for getting out there and telling her story in order to spread love, joy and courage.

Think about how you are getting exposure to new people and new ideas. If you’re interested in looking at the FREE Contact Mapping program I’m referring to, use this link:!

Become the entrepreneur living inside you.

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