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Who is GinnyPreneur?

Hi! I’m Ginny Schuster!! I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life! I combined Ginny and Entrepreneur to come up with the name, GinnyPreneur! 

In my 20’s, along with my newly married husband, we chose to buy an offset printing business in Boulder, Colorado. That was our honeymoon. This was the way to pay for skiing in the Rocky Mountains. We jumped in and it was my dream come true. 

It was the most amazing learning experience a person could have. The knowledge I gained over the 24 years of being in business taught me at least ten identifiable “must knows” for getting into business!! And, I’m sure determination and persistence also played a big part. These “must knows” have since carried me through my many years of caregiving and now my current business, health. 

Not everyone is born an entrepreneur, yet there are certain entrepreneurial characteristics they possess. Those characteristics were inherent in us and  other entrepreneurs. Yet, many aspects are definitely learned behaviors that made our entrepreneurial dream a reality.

Since I don’t have the desire now to have a store front, manage inventory or employees, I love the direct sales concept. Anyone can be successful. It's like any business - they all take hard work, persistence  and dedication.  The benefits in this profession outweigh working for someone, if you are open minded.


I’m offering you - I love being a connector!! I'd love to connect with you!! In a a few minutes you can complete the Growth Survey below; then choose a day and time for us to connect!! Let's see how we can work together!! 



I love this quote from anonymous and want to share with you:

“To dream is to live,

To live is to dream,

You only have one life,

So live and dream

Because tomorrow is not promised.

Be you, be happy!”

Who is GinnyPreneur?

Mission statement

To curate services that help businesses grow faster and efficiently.

Mission Statement

Growth Survey Overview

This Growth Survey will give me an idea where you are and where you want to go...

1. Ways to fund my business or lower expenses

  •  Are you looking for different ways to finance your business?

  •  Do you want to reduce your Health Care costs for you, your family, or  your employees?

  • Would you like to save money on your payment processing fees?

2. Tools to improve my marketing or communication with prospects

  • Do you need a way to manage your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from your phone?

  • Do you want to develop a professional elevator pitch?

  • Do you want outstanding and affordable social media marketing?

  • Do you want to discuss an interview with Ginny?

3. Ways to take better care of ME as the business owner

  • Would you like to take a free professional health quiz?

  • Do you have aches and pains, or need more energy?

  • Are you wanting personal growth or professional development?

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